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    8 Christie Street,Grimsby, Ontario
    L3M 4H4


    Doug & Mark Robbins
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    Doug and Mark decided to create a scholarship fund as a legacy to Marie’s commitment over the years to her community and have committed $400,000 to start the fund.

    Chris Godin
    [email protected]

    Chris knew Marie working for her husband’s company. He previously had won Rotary awards for student involvement and would occasionally join Marie to Rotary meetings. He is very proud to be a part of such a great legacy.

    Connie Morganti
    [email protected]

    Connie was a friend and neighbour of Marie’s for over thirty years.  They shared many interests and Connie was inspired by Marie’s unending energy and enthusiasm in everything she did.

    Judi Johnstone
    [email protected]

    Judi’s reasonability is creating and managing relationships to encourage the success of the Marie Robbins Scholarship Fund

    Lisa Pacquin
    [email protected]

    Lisa’s responsibilities are to compile, distribute, and maintain relevant information pertaining to the scholarship

    Nancy Baker
    [email protected]

    Nancy Baker is a proud Canadian, retired Occupational Therapist, Marie Robbins Scholarship Fund Board member and fully engaged community volunteer. Marie and Nancy were a focused, compassionate team working through Rotary and other volunteer avenues to deliver positive, impactful, lasting change for those needing a hand up.

    General Inquiries
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